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2023 SatisFacts Resident Satisfaction AwardsA view of an open, snowy field stretches out into a forest. The sun is setting above mountains in the distance. | Fort Greely, DOD housingA man in military uniform is walking away from the camera holding the hand of a young child.A view of a snowy field and sunset.| DOD rentals, Ft Greely HousingA children's playground with yellow, red, and blue equipment.Several men in uniform playing games with children while a woman takes pictures. | Delta Junction Military HousingSeveral older men and woman are standing beneath a shingled outdoor roof, eating, talking, and cooking. | NNO | Delta Junction Military retireesSeveral children holding padded clubs are smiling and attacking a man wearing red plastic armor. A blue dunk tank sits in the background. | Delta Junctions Rentals | Fort Greely rentals| DOD housingA children's playground with red, yellow, and green equipment.A young child in a blue dress standing in a field blowing on a dandelion.